V.A. – Christmas V.A. {pj008}

Artist: V.A.
Christmas V.A.
Catalog #:
Release Date:

We wish you a merry christmas!

Here are presents from all over the world, delicatley crafted, uploaded and delivered to you as to celebrate a moment of joy, happiness and sharing. A moment of calm indeed.
Even, a moment of impatience… the impatience of a kid, waiting for his presents, trying to make a clever guess about the different presents he’ll receive. Remember?

We do.

From both sides of petite&jolie, everybody has been busy under the tree.
Musicians and drawers, both working on nice presents.
No real goals, no concepts.
Only the pleasure of pleasing.

Some musicians decided to share some private unreleased works, others decided to start from scratches a new tune while illustrators worked on cute covers for you to choose.

The results goes beyond expectations as with any new releases on petite&jolie, we finally broaden our spectrum of genres and colours for your pleasure only and we know you like this a lot.

So here come the best moment of the party, where you jump at the tree and finally discover the glowing packages and try to spot your name carefully written on them.

Well, today, obviously, everybody will get a gift from Petite&Jolie even if you’ve been bad during this year.
Let’s say it’s our way to thank you all for enjoying and following us.

A big thank you to all the following people who contributed.

* Ema
* Flashbacker
* Hamayu
* Julian Winter
* kaneel
* Makunouchi bento
* Nimrod & the kaleidoscopical plastic orifice band
* Pam
* Quasimojo
* Relative q
* Valzi
* Windy Hill Mill

01 – Windy Hill MillPingu Pinga
02 – Shannon 3Quasimojo
03 – Julian WinterLa luge est cassée
04 – Makunouchi bentoBuon natale dai Millano brothers
05 – Relative qSolstice bells (contrast reintroduction)
06 – Makunouchi bentoJazbot nr II
07 – QuasimojoFlatterin’ The Scotsman
08 – Nimrod and the kaleidoscopical plastic orifice bandThe Zwicker tone µ
09 – PamJejeje
10 – Valzi and BlotGift Anticipation
11 – Makunouchi bentoRhybot ipop
12 – kaneelBackyard bataille
13 – PamUn rayo de luz, abro los ojos, y no estas ahí

Cover 1
Cover 2
Cover 3
Cover 4
Cover 5
Cover 6

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Valzi – I Nvr <3 U {pj007}

Artist: Valzi
I Nvr ❤ U
Catalog #:
Release Date:

Valzi – I Nvr

Following Julian Winter’s release which received a warm welcome from you, our cute followers, here is a release from Valzi who takes influences from deep in the chip music scene, as Valzi actually comes from the tracking scene, inspiring it with melancholic chords and growing melodies and finally shaping an ambiguous feeling between sorrowness and “joie de vivre,” as we often say in France.

Behind all these clicky beats, taping the time passing by, and these mellow but cute harmonies, there is a real letter of apology, written in notes and surely delivered the cutest way ever, delicately slipped into a pink envelope or even better, inside of its companion cover designed by no one other than Postics, a great illustrator we met at Rouen in October for a very nice exhibition of his work.

ps: We also strongly recommend you check the work of Postics!

01 – Crush At Second Evaluation
02 – I Like To Watch You Sleeping
03 – Than Anyone Else Has Before
04 – I Nvr ❤ U Part 1
05 – I Nvr ❤ U Part 2
06 – Why Won’t You Look At Me
07 – I Nvr ❤ U Part 3
08 – Denial
09 – Vampiric Delusion
10 – How She Coped
11 – I Nvr ❤ U (Original Chip Mix)

Front Cover
Coverart By Postics

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V.A. – L’Arbre d’un Train {BKTR007}

Artist: V.A.
L’Arbre d’un Train
Catalog #:
Release Date:

_L’Arbre d’un Train_, a compilation.

Pretty. Sad. Lovely. There’s just enough variation to both make you want to fall asleep to it and make you want to open your ears up in amazement. With the first sign of autumn, we use music to remember our lost years, and we do not forget our happiest days.

Featuring netaudio legends Grandma (Monotonik, Khonnor of Type Records), Proswell (of Merck Records), Sense (Neo Ouija and Eem records), Transient (Monotonik, Miasmah, Camomille), Xerxes (Hellven, Camomille, Apegenine), a slew of other netlabel popstars (Valisproject, 143, Kaneel, Imtech, and Blisaed) and brilliant rising talent (Xtatic, Mike Shusta, Troupe, Nil, Valzi, Fah, Mister Cat, Sunburn, Malmen, Nick Beman, and Insektr.)

Nearly eight months in the making, _L’Arbre d’un Train_ is well worth the wait.

Cover art by 143.

Volume balanced by Atlantis at Atlantean Records –

01 – ValisprojectSaturnine
02 – 143Goodbye Whisper
03 – XerxesLo-fi Beauty
04 – XtaticBrothers
05 – TransientDroplets
06 – SenseHappy New Tears
07 – KaneelEt je Danse Seul
08 – GrandmaHoly Moon
09 – Mike ShustaMy New Toric Lenses!
10 – ProswellDorkqs
11 – ImtechHipa
12 – TroupeThis Is
13 – NilCha
14 – ValziThe Bad Feeling Is Gone
15 – FahB5
16 – BlisaedPost Card Sent From A Plane Crash
17 – Mister CatOn The Verge
18 – SunburnContemplation
19 – MalmenJust Like You
20 – Nick BemanThe Grain Of Truth
21 – InsektrAn Encouragement Won’t Change Anything

Front Cover
Full Art
Full Art (Hi-Res)

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bktr007 [TXT]

Valzi – Some Girls I’m Not Related To {BKTR006}

Artist: Valzi
Some Girls I’m Not Related To
Catalog #:
Release Date:

An album of thoughts about some girls that valzi knows just now, but whom he is not related to. These heartfelt character sketches and chilly anxieties will soothe you, leaving you with the feeling that everything will be alright after all.

01 – Seep Beam Hits Rienna
02 – Skweesh Sarah
03 – Melletoids
04 – Squeesh Jasmine
05 – Throwing Stuff At Hannah
06 – Meghan
07 – Sage And Elizabeth
08 – September One Girl
09 – That Maria Kid
10 – Root Becca Float
11 – Helicopter Kimber
12 – Courtney
13 – Sarah Skeen Name
14 – Mrs. Moravec Came Home Again

Front Cover

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Valzi – Careless EP {BKTR002}

Artist: Valzi
Careless EP
Catalog #:
Release Date:

Our first solo releases comes from Backtrack co-founder Valzi, who releases 14 minutes of distorted waves and beats. Fusing industrial electronics with sweet and naive melodies, valzi’s first official solo release proves to be an enchanting one, filled with emotional landscapes and creeping moments of dark atmospheres and light sequences. A study in contrast.

Artist Comments:

they called me a pessimist,
yet I had an unreasonable hope.
maybe this recognition of
senseless faith is pessimism.

a smile that is not a gift
is worthless.
struggle for joy, instead.

they said I was merry,
yet my reverie was meaningless.
maybe this apparition,
was no more than an enormous wish.

without interest, without fear,
without care –
failure has a tart charm.

they called me an optimist,
but i expected the worst.
maybe friendship with disappointment
is a kind of optimism.

savored, memorized moments.
these will not be forgotten,
though attempted.

they said i was visionary,
yet i was unable to see past my hand.
maybe they are also too nearsighted
to see me squint.

dreams are fairies.
they fly on happy thoughts.
we play with them,
dancing on the green carpet.

dreams are ghosts.
they won’t fade to nothing.
we can’t touch them.
every lunge brings face to ground.

still, they must be realized.
then all will be perfect again,
but not under this sky.


01 – Maybe Yet
02 – Singed
03 – Passive
04 – Farewell
05 – Careless

Front Cover
Full Art
Full Art (Hi-Res)

Additional Files:
bktr002 [TXT]

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V.A. – iHyper {BKTR001}

Artist: V.A.
Catalog #:
Release Date:
Re-Release Date:

we’re re-releasing the first backtrack release, a chipdisk, with mp3s so that anyone can hear it, even if they don’t have windows OS or know what a module is! we hope that you will, however, investigate module and chipmusic, once you have a taste of this charming bleepy music. oh, don’t forget: if a song ends abruptly, it is probably meant to loop continuously until you get tired of it, so set your mp3 player accordingly.

backtrack’s first release was a chipdisk for a few reasons. mostly, we thought a huge chipdisk would be a cool way to start with a bang (or at least a few blips.) now, we wonder if we will ever even do another chipdisk. it was great fun, and there was a lot of talent on it.

nineteen artists were involved in the making of this thing, not counting the poor souls whose not-quite-fitting tunes were rejected. all this work adds up to 29 tunes and approximately 70.5 minutes of music for us.

please realize, though, we are not a chipgroup. a few of us enjoy making chiptunes, but some do not even know how.

many thanks to our wonderful guest-releasers! beautiful music, i must say. really, most of you guys and even the actual members (!) totally amaze me. i would never have imagined, i would be working with such talent so soon. thanks for letting me.


respect to our friends and many thanks to those who have helped us get off the ground! metapathy, zinger, and vizion have been essential in making this, our grand opening, possible.

01 – ZingerBrand Nu Snowjoggers
02 – SeablueAurora Dawn
03 – BZLdoesn’t matter what
04 – Nagz & Zinger – Dr. Frolek’s Files
05 – VhiiulaBacktrackin’
06 – ZabutomWhere Do I Start
07 – ArachnoOne Sample Song
08 – Zinger & BacterMagisk Kollaps
09 – NimDishsoap Boubles
10 – Valzi & ZingerSo I Did A Happy Tune
11 – Zinger & NagzGun Parade
12 – Little ElkFiltered Skies
13 – Ciccilleju10X dear cumbergini
14 – ZingerSparrow Dance
15 – LithisAaaaa
16 – valzilove, ignorant
17 – BlotCopper Termites
18 – zingerrhino sting
19 – valziasbestos
20 – TechnoiZStrawberry
21 – CiccillejuEowin
22 – DafearIn
23 – CiccillejuMatusalemm
24 – ZabutomRave Is Dead
25 – BlotVintage_Soda
26 – VKMVKM does morales…?
27 – 143this is your brain on bktr
28 – CiccillejuMade 2 Fade
29 – DafearHiekkalapio

Front Cover

Additional Files:
bktr001 [TXT]
bktr001 Demo [ZIP]

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