Missing Releases

Here are a list of releases that are missing from the netlabels in our archive. If you have any of these releases, please e-mail us at “thenetlabelarchive AT gmail DOT com” or use the contact form.


12 Twilight m_petrol (MOD conversion of Orbital’s “Petrol”) 1996/??/??


1 Kerae Betrayal  
2 Murusha & Madman Whistler  
3 Dhemofoonte Kaiser Soze (final)  
4 Purusha Keroi  
5 Dhemofoonte Elatan  
6 Dhemofoonte A Little Useless Composition  
7 Purusha Mellowland  
9 Dhemofoonte & Purusha Madmidday 2001/06/09
10 Abumbasht & Purusha Cold Expectation 2001/06/12
12 Purusha Nice! 2001/06/14