Valzi – Careless EP {BKTR002}

Artist: Valzi
Careless EP
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Our first solo releases comes from Backtrack co-founder Valzi, who releases 14 minutes of distorted waves and beats. Fusing industrial electronics with sweet and naive melodies, valzi’s first official solo release proves to be an enchanting one, filled with emotional landscapes and creeping moments of dark atmospheres and light sequences. A study in contrast.

Artist Comments:

they called me a pessimist,
yet I had an unreasonable hope.
maybe this recognition of
senseless faith is pessimism.

a smile that is not a gift
is worthless.
struggle for joy, instead.

they said I was merry,
yet my reverie was meaningless.
maybe this apparition,
was no more than an enormous wish.

without interest, without fear,
without care –
failure has a tart charm.

they called me an optimist,
but i expected the worst.
maybe friendship with disappointment
is a kind of optimism.

savored, memorized moments.
these will not be forgotten,
though attempted.

they said i was visionary,
yet i was unable to see past my hand.
maybe they are also too nearsighted
to see me squint.

dreams are fairies.
they fly on happy thoughts.
we play with them,
dancing on the green carpet.

dreams are ghosts.
they won’t fade to nothing.
we can’t touch them.
every lunge brings face to ground.

still, they must be realized.
then all will be perfect again,
but not under this sky.


01 – Maybe Yet
02 – Singed
03 – Passive
04 – Farewell
05 – Careless

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