V.A. – L’Arbre d’un Train {BKTR007}

Artist: V.A.
L’Arbre d’un Train
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_L’Arbre d’un Train_, a compilation.

Pretty. Sad. Lovely. There’s just enough variation to both make you want to fall asleep to it and make you want to open your ears up in amazement. With the first sign of autumn, we use music to remember our lost years, and we do not forget our happiest days.

Featuring netaudio legends Grandma (Monotonik, Khonnor of Type Records), Proswell (of Merck Records), Sense (Neo Ouija and Eem records), Transient (Monotonik, Miasmah, Camomille), Xerxes (Hellven, Camomille, Apegenine), a slew of other netlabel popstars (Valisproject, 143, Kaneel, Imtech, and Blisaed) and brilliant rising talent (Xtatic, Mike Shusta, Troupe, Nil, Valzi, Fah, Mister Cat, Sunburn, Malmen, Nick Beman, and Insektr.)

Nearly eight months in the making, _L’Arbre d’un Train_ is well worth the wait.

Cover art by 143.

Volume balanced by Atlantis at Atlantean Records –

01 – ValisprojectSaturnine
02 – 143Goodbye Whisper
03 – XerxesLo-fi Beauty
04 – XtaticBrothers
05 – TransientDroplets
06 – SenseHappy New Tears
07 – KaneelEt je Danse Seul
08 – GrandmaHoly Moon
09 – Mike ShustaMy New Toric Lenses!
10 – ProswellDorkqs
11 – ImtechHipa
12 – TroupeThis Is
13 – NilCha
14 – ValziThe Bad Feeling Is Gone
15 – FahB5
16 – BlisaedPost Card Sent From A Plane Crash
17 – Mister CatOn The Verge
18 – SunburnContemplation
19 – MalmenJust Like You
20 – Nick BemanThe Grain Of Truth
21 – InsektrAn Encouragement Won’t Change Anything

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Proswell – 0EO {mtk061}

Artist: Proswell
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Though we’ve admired his work on the net.label Inpuj, plus current/forthcoming real.life releases on Merck and Saundart, we haven’t had a chance to put out anything from US idm.artist Proswell.. until now, that is.

But “0EO”, possibly named after a certain chip-tune related tracker-based command which you can hear used on the track, is a really enchanting piece of intelligently puttering idm-ness, again, sorta indescribable in its multiple layering and soaring subtle sounds, but a little reminiscent of the most delicate, sweetest artists around – Isan, Mum, BoC?

And when everything kicks in, “0EO” is like a slumber-filled tint on the kind of euphoria you got when you watched and listened to “Music Sounds Better With You”, seeing a kid launching a glider off a grassy hill in the hazy summer heat, the beats looping and quietly endorphin-rushing over and over. Significantly, slinkily.. yum.

cover by rents

01 – 0EO

Front Cover

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