V.A. – Christmas V.A. {pj008}

Artist: V.A.
Christmas V.A.
Catalog #:
Release Date:

We wish you a merry christmas!

Here are presents from all over the world, delicatley crafted, uploaded and delivered to you as to celebrate a moment of joy, happiness and sharing. A moment of calm indeed.
Even, a moment of impatience… the impatience of a kid, waiting for his presents, trying to make a clever guess about the different presents he’ll receive. Remember?

We do.

From both sides of petite&jolie, everybody has been busy under the tree.
Musicians and drawers, both working on nice presents.
No real goals, no concepts.
Only the pleasure of pleasing.

Some musicians decided to share some private unreleased works, others decided to start from scratches a new tune while illustrators worked on cute covers for you to choose.

The results goes beyond expectations as with any new releases on petite&jolie, we finally broaden our spectrum of genres and colours for your pleasure only and we know you like this a lot.

So here come the best moment of the party, where you jump at the tree and finally discover the glowing packages and try to spot your name carefully written on them.

Well, today, obviously, everybody will get a gift from Petite&Jolie even if you’ve been bad during this year.
Let’s say it’s our way to thank you all for enjoying and following us.

A big thank you to all the following people who contributed.

* Ema
* Flashbacker
* Hamayu
* Julian Winter
* kaneel
* Makunouchi bento
* Nimrod & the kaleidoscopical plastic orifice band
* Pam
* Quasimojo
* Relative q
* Valzi
* Windy Hill Mill

01 – Windy Hill MillPingu Pinga
02 – Shannon 3Quasimojo
03 – Julian WinterLa luge est cassée
04 – Makunouchi bentoBuon natale dai Millano brothers
05 – Relative qSolstice bells (contrast reintroduction)
06 – Makunouchi bentoJazbot nr II
07 – QuasimojoFlatterin’ The Scotsman
08 – Nimrod and the kaleidoscopical plastic orifice bandThe Zwicker tone µ
09 – PamJejeje
10 – Valzi and BlotGift Anticipation
11 – Makunouchi bentoRhybot ipop
12 – kaneelBackyard bataille
13 – PamUn rayo de luz, abro los ojos, y no estas ahí

Cover 1
Cover 2
Cover 3
Cover 4
Cover 5
Cover 6

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Valzi – I Nvr <3 U {pj007}

Artist: Valzi
I Nvr ❤ U
Catalog #:
Release Date:

Valzi – I Nvr

Following Julian Winter’s release which received a warm welcome from you, our cute followers, here is a release from Valzi who takes influences from deep in the chip music scene, as Valzi actually comes from the tracking scene, inspiring it with melancholic chords and growing melodies and finally shaping an ambiguous feeling between sorrowness and “joie de vivre,” as we often say in France.

Behind all these clicky beats, taping the time passing by, and these mellow but cute harmonies, there is a real letter of apology, written in notes and surely delivered the cutest way ever, delicately slipped into a pink envelope or even better, inside of its companion cover designed by no one other than Postics, a great illustrator we met at Rouen in October for a very nice exhibition of his work.

ps: We also strongly recommend you check the work of Postics!

01 – Crush At Second Evaluation
02 – I Like To Watch You Sleeping
03 – Than Anyone Else Has Before
04 – I Nvr ❤ U Part 1
05 – I Nvr ❤ U Part 2
06 – Why Won’t You Look At Me
07 – I Nvr ❤ U Part 3
08 – Denial
09 – Vampiric Delusion
10 – How She Coped
11 – I Nvr ❤ U (Original Chip Mix)

Front Cover
Coverart By Postics

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Julian Winter – L’art pour l’art {pj006}

Artist: Julian Winter
L’art pour l’art
Catalog #:
Release Date:

Finally, here is a new release!
And what would be better than some folk with a twist of breezy pop?
Well, some toy-folk mixed with spoken words and aerial pop of course!

And here we are, introducing Julian Winter and his debut ep on petitejolie.

Julian is a sweet guy who has a kind of fondness for toy instruments and making sounds out of these poor & left-aside instruments.
Not only the fact he managed to make this ep with some cheap e-guitar and e-bass, a broken microphone and an old keyboard… he even ran into household articles and recorded them.

Thanks to Julian Winter, all these objects can get back to life by being a part of his very nice debut ep, where words are flowing along with soft pads, kitchen goods slowly beating the time behind the guitar arpeggios… where the time stops and let us rest a moment, watching the rain falling, waiting for the sun.

And if you really really love it, think about supporting Julian Winter by sending him an email… and why not, sending him a few bucks so he sends you a “DIY” cd version of his ep. Click for more informations

01 – Intro
02 – L’écouteur
03 – Nadine Goes Hollywood
04 – Interlude 1
05 – Knittelvers
06 – In The Thick Of It
07 – Jasnost

Front Cover

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Pam – Ah! {pj005}

Artist: Pam
Catalog #:
Release Date:

As simple as ABC.

We received, listened, enjoyed, released.
It would be the formula of the perfect and unexplainable “coup de coeur”.

And what would be the best thing to start a new year with such a soothing piece of simplicity?

Pam definily came up with a concept: Simple melodies, cute’n’weird ambiances, no percussions.
Seriously, would you need more?

Its like the right soundtrack to make a final point about the year 2008.
Tiny synth sounds, played with simplicity honesty and even naivety, minimalism at his best.
The soundtrack of changes, introspection and even more than that all: the ballads of your past days!

Shhhh, listen.

Petite&Jolie wishes you a happy new year.

01 – Dream girl
02 – Smile eyes
03 – There you are!
04 – Cherry lips
05 – Dreamy face
06 – Nightmare
07 – Tender hands
08 – Ending tears

Front Cover

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Risch – Missing monsters {pj004}

Artist: Risch
Missing monsters
Catalog #:
Release Date:

“Your perfect soundtrack for this hot summer.”

That could be the perfect quote behind this release made of bouncy wild beats and warm adorable leads.

After a release on “nothing less” than the well-known Monotonik netlabel, Risch pays a visit at petite&jolie and we have to admit he definitly knows how to cook this very particular electronica up, evoking a lot of early year 2000 influences by mashing up breakbeats and pop-esque melodies.

Drills’n’pink, here’s what you ask? here’s what you get and we don’t have that bad habit to lie to yourself, do we?

No need to be a synesthete to see these monsters appearing in front of our eyes, jumping, hiding, pulling your legs and making grimaces.
Sometimes quiet, and then mad, they all have their own personnal stories to tell you when walking downtown and here, at the petite&jolie treehouse, we hope you’ll be listenning at them hopping down the streets, because we love when people are enjoying life this way… after all, isn’t all about enjoying the moment?

Of course, this release is best enjoyed burnt and dragged into its cute cover, designed with love by Emi whose first appearance on petite&jolie will be, for sure, remarked.

So now let’s go! Catch these missing monsters!

01 – A raindow in the brain
02 – Nap time at the robot factory
03 – Driving in circles
04 – Welcome home
05 – And then morning came
06 – Stickx
07 – Freesychzfeyev

Front Cover

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kaneel – La pink note {pj003}

Artist: kaneel
La pink note
Catalog #:
Release Date:

kaneel – la pink note.

your daily dose of bluespoptronica!.

F i n a l l y, after nearly two months of silence, we are back with a new release and as usual, it’s with a certain excitement.
Not only because it’s been said months ago kaneel would come up with a release for petite&jolie, nor because this release is mixing two years old tracks from his grenier with fresh new materials but for the reason an album of kaneel has been released by Apegenine Recordings and at petite&jolie, we love it when our boys (and girls :p) are just collaborating with various people, on various projects, for the sake of making this world a cuter place!.

So here we are, presenting to you this release of Guillaume Richard, dealing with nostalgy driven melodies and playfull clickbeats, soften by naivety and harden by the usual angst which define quite well Guillaume’s usual style.
Going from blues to ambient, new folk to glitchtronica, mixing all of this with a twist and a tint of pop, kaneel tries his best to prove music is only a matter of sounds and not of genres, even a matter of emotions and damn, it’s all about a final result than a particular recipe to apply..

Once playing with knobs, then playing live his melodica, he’s been cooking this romantic and nostalgic release for your only pleisure, bringing new definitions to the sound of petite&jolie and we can’t do anything else than simply enjoy this.

01 – Un matin presque bleu
02 – Moment fragile
03 – La pink note
04 – Quelques souvenirs
05 – Carrousel
06 – Au revoir pt2


Additional Links:

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El zoológico – The Jungle & The Aquarium {pj002}

Artist: El zoológico
The Jungle & The Aquarium
Catalog #:
Release Date:

Your favorite zookeeper is back from the petite&jolie zoo!

We, at Petite&Jolie, are excited to present you the second release of petite&jolie and not only because it’s a wonderful travel through poptronics, melodies of “joie de vivre” and, let’s dare saying so, zoomotions, but also because it’s not everyday we’ll be releasing a double EP.

Indeed, El Zoológico is back at Petite&Jolie with his concept of catching the “essence” of animals through small’n’catchy tunes, classifying them by ecosystems.

Await emotions driven through pitzacattos and fuzzy synths, get ready for cuteness, fasten your belt, and don’t believe what they are saying around you, it’s really cute and fancy animals you see jumping all over your head when you’re listenning to this sweet release from El Zoológico.

01 – Camina
02 – Hippo
03 – Mr. Frog
04 – Snake
05 – Monkey
06 – Brother Bear
07 – Nada
08 – Octopus
09 – Penguin and Sealion
10 – Seahorse and Starfish
11 – Jellyfish
12 – Whale

Front Cover

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V.A. – Pantoufle Tagada {pj001}

Artist: V.A.
Pantoufle Tagada
Catalog #:
Release Date:

As said on the website, it’s been a moment we were thinking about it.
The definition of petite&jolie is clearly in the title, we want to set a cosy place for cute music.

We’ve been taking our time to contact artists we appreciated to be sure to deliver some lovely tunes that would definitly give the artistic line of this netlabel.

So here we are with our first release named “Pantoufle Tagada”, a nice launching compilation for the sake of cuteness

The cuteness will transport you on a pony ride from Purusha’s (Ogredung) progtoytronica to papercutz’s (Apegenine) childtronica, from Doroasako’s progressive folktronica to El zoológico’s pizzicato , passing by Original Recipe’s (Vinyl Republik) fresh pianopop to kaneel’s (Camomille, Ogredung) “joie de vivre” glitchtronics, vim’s (Monotonik) spring melodies to fah’s (Ronin) analog cute-acid without forgetting surasshu’s (Apegenine, Camomille) electro music with video game gimmicks while balùn people (Aerotone) are coming up with their cutey electropop and dot tape dot (spar.RK, NatureBliss) rejoins with his toy harp and trumpet experiments. In the meantime, makunouchi bento (Camomille, Ogredung, One) will delight your ears during a sweet and tender music box interlude for your christmas parties while Nej will come up with some sweet electropop and treacle (BEE Records) will bring back the groove to some cutetronica.

this compilation will act like the exact time-travel machine you needed to bring you back some childhood reminiscences, so we hope you’ll enjoy this 55 minutes long launching compilation as much as we enjoyed setting this all up.

01 – PurushaRabirabi
02 – dot tape dotfarpa (toy harp & plastic trumpet serenade)
03 – DoroasakoJe reviendrai
04 – Makunouchi BentoTwo Mechanical Snowghosts
05 – Original RecipePuppy
06 – NejTell You
07 – BalùnAlicia
08 – El zoológicoPenguin and Sea Lion
09 – VimThat Smell of Spring Rain
10 – kaneelPyjama Lapin
11 – Surasshu5 a.m.
12 – TreacleStereotape
13 – FahI Hope You’re Happy With Me
14 – :papercutzLembras-te?

Front Cover

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