V.V.A.A. – Cucina Vagabonda {od061}

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Cucina Vagabonda
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A year after the releasing of the first compendium, Ogredung proposes you a release even more surprising and passionate than the succesful Snowsky. Without replicating modules and strategies, our audacious experimentators reveal themselves as endowed with an outstanding creativity. The tasty carnet of contributors spaces in a variety of styles and tendencies that go from Paolo Veneziani’s (Tibprod, Cobalt) neo-cosmic sounds to Puyopuyo’s (19-t, Gagarin) fierce weirdo-synthpop, without losing sight of the common path that leads the whole work: autumn. Enwrapped by the delicate parfumes of Imtech’s (Observatoryonline) autumnal whispers, Urkuma, Phobode and Strinqulu’s (MikMusik, Merck, Saag) sonorous poetry and Kaneel’s (Camomille, Kikapu) nostalgic dronebeats, we are kicked up by Makunouchi Bento’s (Retinascan, Inpuj) subtle elaborate of obscure flows and the hypnotic hug of Luca Confusione; and still, Iermoç and Transient’s (Koept, Hippocamp, Monotonik, Skylab Operations) quasi-obsessive IDM-intricacy, Vizion’s (Monotonik, Camomille, Wikkid) determined melodic moments and Proswell’s (Merck, Civik, 19-t) top electronics. A live recording of Corkzal’s (Commie) perfectly closes the circle.

Artwork: waka x

01 – Paolo VenezianiTwin Lakes
02 – Makunouchi BentoRokurokubi
03 – Urkuma + Phobode + StrinquluSusuma sweet nightmare
04 – TransientHow to center yourself
05 – ProswellScone ponce de leon b
06 – IermoçFiveweeks
07 – Luca ConfusioneAmeditatio
08 – ImtechAutumnal whispers
09 – KaneelNostalgie d’agoraphobie
10 – CorkzalTietokone [live]
11 – VizionFissures: phase one
12 – PuyopuyoNice day in perspective

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