Risch – Missing monsters {pj004}

Artist: Risch
Missing monsters
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“Your perfect soundtrack for this hot summer.”

That could be the perfect quote behind this release made of bouncy wild beats and warm adorable leads.

After a release on “nothing less” than the well-known Monotonik netlabel, Risch pays a visit at petite&jolie and we have to admit he definitly knows how to cook this very particular electronica up, evoking a lot of early year 2000 influences by mashing up breakbeats and pop-esque melodies.

Drills’n’pink, here’s what you ask? here’s what you get and we don’t have that bad habit to lie to yourself, do we?

No need to be a synesthete to see these monsters appearing in front of our eyes, jumping, hiding, pulling your legs and making grimaces.
Sometimes quiet, and then mad, they all have their own personnal stories to tell you when walking downtown and here, at the petite&jolie treehouse, we hope you’ll be listenning at them hopping down the streets, because we love when people are enjoying life this way… after all, isn’t all about enjoying the moment?

Of course, this release is best enjoyed burnt and dragged into its cute cover, designed with love by Emi whose first appearance on petite&jolie will be, for sure, remarked.

So now let’s go! Catch these missing monsters!

01 – A raindow in the brain
02 – Nap time at the robot factory
03 – Driving in circles
04 – Welcome home
05 – And then morning came
06 – Stickx
07 – Freesychzfeyev

Front Cover

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