Troupe – Crepuscular {BKTR004}

Artist: Troupe
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Troupe’s first big ol’ EP is finally here! Troupe has been releasing dandy music for quite a while now, especially once you fully realize that he’s only a sixteen-year-old. Perhaps it is because, he lives in texas where there are music-enhancing cows and cacti, or maybe it’s just because he hangs out with our friend xerxes so much. Whatever the case, he sure knows how to bring a relaxing melody that minimalistic oldschool touch.

Artist Comments:
if i had a window,
this is what i would be able to see out of it as night fell,
as the clouds rolled away, as the stars began to shine.
look beyond our atmosphere into the never-ending abyss of space
and relax to 17 minutes of electronic music.

this is crepuscular.


01 – Crepuscular
02 – Obsidian Window (feat. Void Pointer)
03 – Vintage Telescope
04 – Vision Of Alpha Centauri

Front Cover
Back Cover

Additional Files:
bktr004 [TXT]

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