Dorothy’s Magic Bag – What’s Inside The Magic Bag? {CANDY004}

Artist: Dorothy’s Magic Bag
Title: What’s Inside The Magic Bag?
Label: Candy Mind Records
Catalog #: CANDY004
Release Date: 2005/02/27

We all know that it is something, but so many are the people who have asked and had theories about what’s hiding inside the magic bag. Now Candy Mind is demanding some answers.

Starting our journey with happy but impulsive “Häxor”, going further down the bag with the contemplative and meditative hip-hop-track “Dreamlands”, giving us the spectacular blip’n’bass-story “Idiosynkrasi”, making us laugh with silly “Monster” and ending with sorrowful and distressed “Our world”, Dorothy’s Magic Bag may be giving us a clue of what’s inside.

As an olive on the top, this release features two brilliant remixes; one by Psilodump and another one by Liquid Stranger; both showing us a different angle of view on what may be hidden deep down in the magic bag…

From the deep tunnels inside the magic bag come the witches, nasty and furious. It’s a poppy, but very unorthodox, electronica story where you never know what’s going to happen next. Perhaps it will show you some light in the darkness, or maybe the witches will turn it all into a computer game; you never know when it’s witches we’re talking about…

Lie down, relax and swim into the sea of dreams. Fly to the dreamlands, the realms of sleep, and experience both wonderful and terrifying things. In this tracks we’re being taken on a dream trip by crackling hip hop beats and relaxing, but strange, melodies.

Sometimes stupid-ness and aversion is not enough. We crave for some idiosyncrasy! Dorothy’s Magic Bag is going back to his roots with this video-game’n’bass-track; making us dance in front of our, now antique, home computers.

– You’re a monster!
– No, I’m not a monster but you are!
This weird track is giving us the soundtrack of some strange Arabic computer game, with a slight hip-hop monster touch.

This track speaks for itself. If Candy Mind ever where able to send a message to aliens in outer space to tell them about our world; planet earth, it would be a sound message, with this only song.

Psilodump, too, is visiting the dreamlands, and since the lands of dreams always are changing and shifting, you’ll never see the same dreamland twice. In this dream chapter we’re out dancing in a club up in the clouds. But something has gone terribly wrong! Ohh! We’ve forgotten our pink necklaces!

If you were scared of the monster that Dorothy’s Magic Bag brought you, then prepare for some more scary creatures. Liquid Stranger is bringing us a bunch of furious and irascible monsters.
There are actually a lot of them…and none can stop them!

01 – Häxor
02 – Dreamlands
03 – Idiosynkrasi
04 – Monster
05 – Our world
06 – Dreamlands (Psilodump remix)
07 – Monster (Liquid Stranger remix)

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Back Cover [*Missing Image*]

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