Paolo Veneziani – 1995-2005 {od072}

Artist: Paolo Veneziani
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A series of releases of untold beauty has seen Paolo Veneziani as a protagonist of deep sound experimentation and this truth is not to be argued at the present state of things. This beautiful doublerelease flows like a river, and the undiscussable execution of the tracks (some of which are re-mastered) brings a level of professionality hardly reachable by todays average in electronic music. Fifteen compositions which sound like joie-de-vivre in its true (though vague) romantic sound, and that conceal interpretative and audible hints of every kind; from melancholic suggestions to minimalism, musical caresses which, at parts, touch upon noises, in an amazing continuum of ten years of music, ten years which draw an always more defined framework around this amazing artist.

A01 – Perpetual Green
A02 – IWS
A03 – Quadramusic-C
A04 – Inside The Edge
A05 – Twin Lakes
A06 – Pulse Session (Extract)
A07 – Violet
B01 – L.a.S.i.m.i.a.S.E.m.A.
B02 – Sea – D.N.T.S.T.
B03 – Centrifugal Emotions
B04 – Mint
B05 – Regression of Parallel Events
B06 – Sinusoidal Meditation
B07 – DS Follower
B08 – Perpetual Green

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