Pretty Boy Crossover – Oranje Bloom {mtk024}

Artist: Pretty Boy Crossover
Oranje Bloom
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Due to our Thug-ish connections, Monotonik seems to be specialising in fragile idm from the cream of the new talent coming out of Australia right now.

So here’s another label debut, from Pretty Boy Crossover (PBXO for short, but they prefer it long and ambiguous, and don’t you forget it..) They’re a duo who’ve been around for a few years now, developing their gently individual sound all the while, and recently signed to Skam, home of.. well, a whole buncha famous people (Gescom, Bola, etc.)

PBXO have a 12″ and album due out on Skam this summer, apparently. But rest assured, you won’t be paying 300 bucks for this mp3 on Ebay, a la ‘Lego Feet’, cos, umm, it’s free. Thanks again to the PBXO guys for allowing Monotonik to put this out, and remember – buy their material when it comes out, support Monotonik artists doing the real-world thing.

Incidentally, try Pretty Boy Crossover’s webpage at: for more info and party favors.

cover by pbxo

01 – Oranje Bloom

Front Cover

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