sys(2074) – Cwatch Mix1 {mtkdj03}

Artist: sys(2074)
Cwatch Mix1
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The Monotonik mix-terror continues with German musician, DJ, and collaborator sys(2074), maintainer of the Corewatch Conspiracy, and boy, what a cute lil near-75-minute mix he’s concocted for us Earth aliens.

Not purely content with tricking around with Drexciya, Techno Animal and Alec Empire, sys(2074) throws his own little interludes and even Vektrex on a Monotonik tip into the whole caboodle. Highly recommended on the dark-ish intriguing-ish tip.

01. BASS-O-MATIC love catalogue
02. DREXCIYA habitat “o” negative
03. ELEKTROIDS future tone
04. SIKKERHET small room
05. BOGDAN RACZYNSKI boku mo wakaran track 03
06. VEKTREX perfect pitch
07. SUBSTRATA evil little kidz (12″ mix)
08. queen of makai interlude
09. T. WILTON fluid
10. ALEC EMPIRE 20(1)
11. MUSGRAVE period three implies chaos
12. TECHNO ANIMAL monolith
13. DC DUO’S A57 (SKAM 010)
14. EAST FLATBUSH PROJECT tried by 12 (trapezoid mix)
15. DOPPLEREFFEKT voice activated
16. DREXCIYA funk release valve
17. ESEM ttidi : krep – livre
18. APHEX TWIN untitled (curtains)
19. WILLIAM ORBIT into the paradise
20. KARMA unknown title
21. NAV KATZE wild horse

cover by sys(2074)

01 – Cwatch Mix1

Front Cover

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