Elektroblef – Md Showcase {mtkdj04}

Artist: Elektroblef
Md Showcase
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Another dj-set from our Slovenian friends at Elektroblef, this hour-long mix mainly showcases Monotonik friend and affiliate md (once mellow-d), who was due to release his “Between Gaps” album on Monotonik as our first CD release.

It now looks like we’ll be sticking to the Internet-only thang, so we may release that album as mp3-only, or md may do something else spooky with it. In the meantime, the first released track from it, “Fres Core”, is available on the Merck records compilation “Squadron” (try http://www.m3rck.net/squadron for info/realaudio – the compilation also features many other Monotonik-related people such as Lackluster, Frank Bolero, and Bauri.)

Md will also be CD-re-releasing his classic FM/Monotonik mp3 album “Appelsap” on Merck Records soon. But in the meantime try this great mix of his older material, both from that album and elsewhere..

[Interestingly, the whole mix is bookended by fellow Five Musicians member Hunz, who collaborated with h0l right back in 1991 on synth-pop atrocities but now has a proper record deal for his NIN-ish semi-electronica.. ah, the hindsight!]

the tracklisting for “Md Showcase” is as follows:

. on me > hunz
. cxib > md
. headroom > md
. laivurinkatu 6 > md
. te.2r > md
. xilo > md
. ibo:ng > md
. trem muls > md
. bjarn kv pontor > md
. appelsap 4 > md
. appelsap 5 > md
. appelsap 8 > md
. assimilate me > hunz

cover by rents

01 – Md Showcase

Front Cover

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