V.A. – Pantoufle Tagada {pj001}

Artist: V.A.
Title: Pantoufle Tagada
Label: Petite&Jolie
Catalog #: pj001
Release Date: 2007/09/19

As said on the website, it’s been a moment we were thinking about it.
The definition of petite&jolie is clearly in the title, we want to set a cosy place for cute music.

We’ve been taking our time to contact artists we appreciated to be sure to deliver some lovely tunes that would definitly give the artistic line of this netlabel.

So here we are with our first release named “Pantoufle Tagada”, a nice launching compilation for the sake of cuteness

The cuteness will transport you on a pony ride from Purusha’s (Ogredung) progtoytronica to papercutz’s (Apegenine) childtronica, from Doroasako’s progressive folktronica to El zoológico’s pizzicato , passing by Original Recipe’s (Vinyl Republik) fresh pianopop to kaneel’s (Camomille, Ogredung) “joie de vivre” glitchtronics, vim’s (Monotonik) spring melodies to fah’s (Ronin) analog cute-acid without forgetting surasshu’s (Apegenine, Camomille) electro music with video game gimmicks while balùn people (Aerotone) are coming up with their cutey electropop and dot tape dot (spar.RK, NatureBliss) rejoins with his toy harp and trumpet experiments. In the meantime, makunouchi bento (Camomille, Ogredung, One) will delight your ears during a sweet and tender music box interlude for your christmas parties while Nej will come up with some sweet electropop and treacle (BEE Records) will bring back the groove to some cutetronica.

this compilation will act like the exact time-travel machine you needed to bring you back some childhood reminiscences, so we hope you’ll enjoy this 55 minutes long launching compilation as much as we enjoyed setting this all up.

01 – Purusha – Rabirabi
02 – dot tape dot – farpa (toy harp & plastic trumpet serenade)
03 – Doroasako – Je reviendrai
04 – Makunouchi Bento – Two Mechanical Snowghosts
05 – Original Recipe – Puppy
06 – Nej – Tell You
07 – Balùn – Alicia
08 – El zoológico – Penguin and Sea Lion
09 – Vim – That Smell of Spring Rain
10 – kaneel – Pyjama Lapin
11 – Surasshu – 5 a.m.
12 – Treacle – Stereotape
13 – Fah – I Hope You’re Happy With Me
14 – :papercutz – Lembras-te?

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