Marco Messina – Ubik EP {od069}

Artist: Marco Messina
Ubik EP
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Marco Messina has been active for more than 10 years with 99 Posse, a historic Italian band, and many other musical projects (Nous and Kyò among the others), of which Resina (the result of the meeting with is probably the most succesful act at the time being.
With this release, he confirms his steady presence in the vibrating scapes of minimal electronics, keeping an eye open on the analogic and its lively outcome, glowing like a physical manipulation on the musical matter. The 4 tracks move in the direction of pulsating, soft electronics, which at the same time mantain the rhythmic sketch which characterizes the artist’s contaminated orientation. Tracks like “tarde” and “12 stage phaser” well reflect Messina’s disposition towards beat-mangling and soft-acid drivethrus, while more relaxed and open-minded fluxes proceed in the breathing sounds of “giù” (this being a bass-driven, punctuated soundscape with spoken intrusions) and “esp 3”.
The EP comes with an outstandingly simple and inspirating artwork by Felix Petrescu of the romanian IDM/chill duo Makunouchi Bento, who more than once gifted us with amazing releases and the 1st place in the Numia Netlabel Battle.

Tarde: vox_Michelangelo Dalisi
Giù: vox_Monica Nappo, double bass_Alessandro Quintavalle
12 Stage phaser
Esp 3
music composed by Marco Messina @ folder studio |
artwork: waka x / makunouchi bento

01 – Tarde
02 – Giù
03 – 12 Stage Phaser
04 – Esp 3

Front Cover

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