Books on Tape – Man Alive EP {od058}

Artist: Books on Tape
Man Alive EP
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Todd Drootin from California, also known as Books on Tape, has a plethora of releases on so many labels (and netlabels) and runs such cool projects (he’s b0ss of the Subverseco netlabel as well) that we actually had no few troubles in drawing a somewhat evolutionistic line of his work; one thing we are sure of: he’s certainly one of the greatest working minds under the ground of the underground electronics nowadays. His music is savagely cyber-piratesque, holding at times a particular hard-exotic touch that renders a very unique (and maybe evil) scene. Riff-loops and obscure acidity, noise-rock sampling and sometimes danceable rioting melodies make Todd’s work a new, unique and well-defined musical experience for the intelligent headnodders.

01 – Pirate radio child
02 – Son of what went wrong
03 – Sediert
04 – Crackton
05 – Auction stand for personal hatred
06 – Revolver illmatik

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