Antimateria vs Paolo Veneziani – Ice Geometry {od060}

Artist: Antimateria vs Paolo Veneziani
Ice Geometry
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Up until now Paolo Veneziani is certainly the biggest deal here at Ogredung (face to face with Makunouchi Bento): he scored 1300 downloads with just a release (Perpetual green), and the counter increases day by day. Following an EP and another mp3-single (on the Snowsky & no Ink compil), this coop with italian soundmate Antimateria is certainly another big shot in the hole. Ice Geometry features Paolo’s virtuosisms on the analog synthesizer and Antimateria’s tracking and mastering skills into a very trip into the new (for me) world of neo-cosmic icepop. Sharp, slidy and extremely catchy, this two-tracks EP shows us that fresh musix is always coming to us -and to you. And fresher than ice there is only Paolo Veneziani.

01 – Ice Geometry
02 – Air Geometry

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