Purusha – Visuddhi {od016}

Artist: Purusha
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before leaving for the 1-month-long holidays, purusha says hello to us with this visuddhi.
according to the indian traditions and symbolism, visuddhi is the 5th chakra (energy point placed along the human body), the throat; it means, in the human being, creativity and self-expression.
and, according to this, the boy tracks down a ceramics melodic bstates-like piece, with an onnipresent tempo hihat binding us to the reality, thus not allowing our minds to be taken away by casual harshing beats and the final hard and deep bdrums fading out.
indeed, a short track. but we really want to know where are our boundaries, and how open is our throat, don’t we?
and oh please, use the headphones!

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