a/oc – pulse width {#058}

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pulse width
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these are the very days we are celebrating our fourth birthday. i hope all the people who have made voodoo known to those hundreds of people now know who they are ‘cos this respect goes out to you. four years ago when we started, we were a small, quite unknown music group, but today many people have heard of us and are coming and eagerly want to hear new material. this time we present this absolutely fantastic electrofunk journey by a/oc (aki of oulu city 🙂

some parts (especially the drums and ehh, the title) of this track reminds me of that old aphex twin style, something from the 80/90’s that can be heard on the ‘selected ambient works 85-92’ album. however this one gathers up more of synth and funk flavours especially with the great flabby bass line. this one’s a beauty for sure and i certainly hope you like it too.


01 – pulse width [XM] [FLAC] [MP3]

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