substance – shiny blades {#037}

Artist: substance
shiny blades
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hi my fellow music artists and voodoo fanatics. life is a strange thing isn’t it? sometimes when everything goes bad, it follows with even worse period. that’s what happened to me some time ago. i was almost in the end of the tunnel when i finally and suddenly got dragged into a place where i’m now working. after about 3 years of unemployment i have achieved a job and as i moved from the evergrowing depression (a reason why this group died more or less) to a busy worker’s life i did realise that i’m not able to keep any schedule on releasing material. so this is a sort of closing letter my fellow sceners. i’m trying to follow what’s happening but i’ve got way too much to do with my other groups and being updated of things that i’m not capable to run this group amongst my other duties. therefore i hope everything good in your lives and i hope this 1,5 years that voodoo existed will stay in your mind as a nice period with lots of quality music



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