tweeter – fabetik {#031}

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the amiga only party ‘motorola inside 98’ is over and i feel wasted after no warm food, less sleep on a hard floor and hell of a lot boozing. it’s still affecting 1,5 days after the party 🙂 anyway, the important thing was that i met tweeter there, and he promised this new release to me and here we are now. a FABULOUS track by the very top artists in voodoo. the happy news is that he isn’t leaving the group as he was aiming to earlier. the reason why the amount tweeter’s releases may decrease a bit is that he is not making much XM’s anymore and we in voodoo don’t support other formats (.IT and the buzz tracker) due to the fact that we want to be equal on most platforms, not just the PC. enjoy this masterpiece.


roz and linus left the group cos of the so called part time inactivity. good luck to them in their new groups what ever them are. substance won the music competition at ‘motorola inside 98’.


01 – fabetik [XM] [FLAC] [MP3]

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