substance – pharynx tongs {#006}

Artist: substance
pharynx tongs
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here we present a brand new release which has been asked and demanded by lots of people. i wonder why do they think that there  must be released one release per week or something like that. i’ve said it before and i’m gonna say it once more. WE in voodoo do not have  any kind of schedule about releasing stuff. most of the members are also busy with all what’s happening in their lives, girlfriends, parties, performances and all that.

the reason why we don’t release music that often is that one of the main ideas in voodoo is that we always compose the tracks TO BE RELEASED on our label, and not to release our old tracks that maybe already released before and that is what most music groups do, please try to get the picture, not all musicians are fast trackers..

another sour milk..


01 – pharynx tongs [MOD] [FLAC] [MP3]

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