Location: Finland
Number Of Releases: 66
Years Active: 1997-2002

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voodoo is an independent internet based free music label that was started in 1997. at the time a big amount of music groups existed already and our point was to increase the competition by bringin better quality and more strict music styles into the business. the main idea on what voodoo was built, were to release drum & bass, electronica, listening music and triphop mainly. after looking back now, this rule hasn’t actually been followed as strictly as supposed. however from now on, we are concentrating more on the original rules and will only release alternative and innovative tracker music, especially electronica.

to make it clear, voodoo is a tracker music group that unites a group of very best musicians and modules from different computer platforms, mostly amiga and pc. one of the differences between voodoo and other music groups has been all the way from the beginning, a very small amount of members. this explains the fact that only original and innovative artists are recruited. the oh so much used cliche “quality over quantity” goes well in this space and it works for the amount of releases too. voodoo doesn’t release music on weekly or montly basis and i hope you find is as a strength instead of laziness.


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