ramone/mono, aka andi horvath – 1974-2001

.ramone/mono aka andi horvath – 1974-2001 – RIP.

we here @ monotonik+friends are sorry to report that andi horvath, aka ramone/mono, passed away very unexpectedly on June 18th, 2001 in his German home, apparently of a sudden heart weakness. and.. wow.. it’s so difficult to know what to say when such a tragic death catches us all unawares…

for my (h0l’s) part, it’s incredibly weird. i never met Andi/Ramone in person, but we emailed, ICQ-ed, and snail-mailed a lot over the last 5 years, ever since I started releasing his amazing hiphop-jungle .MODs on Mono.

He created a couple of great tracks for the “Tank Racer” soundtrack, and we’d been talking on ICQ a bunch more recently, since I was trying to get him to contribute some of his new hiphop material, and also his collaborative stuff with Trigger, and he’d been working on some Apple Mac stuff (screensavers and more) with some of his friends @ Fruitz Of Dojo… [UPDATE: the Mac-only chip-music-pack “Super SIDekick” is now available at the Fruitz Of Dojo page.]

so, i’m sure i don’t have as much right as his close, rl friends, but i’m really shocked and upset. and if anyone wants to add a message to this page as a tribute, mail me.

[Marko Kovacevic writes – “As a close childhood friend of Andreas Horvath, alias Ramone, alias Ramon Fuschnik, I’d like to express my great sorrow on his death – it’s hit all of us very hard. Andreas died through weakness of the heart, which he acquired during an inflammation of the lungs at the age of nine. Born and raised in Aachen, Germany, he will be buried in a family-grave in Hungary. Goodbye, my old friend, I´ll see you some day, somewhere… our thoughts and prayers are with you in this darkest of times.”]

there are plans to release many of Andi’s final tracks (he’d been working on a lot of rl music for German labels, plus tracked music for Fruitz Of Dojo) and make them available online via Mono as a tribute.

Here’s links to all the other releases Ramone ever put out on Mono, so you can listen and remember, *sigh*:

[UPDATEx2 – here’s a new link to ‘Unreleased Works Part 1’, including 16 unreleased .XM tracks, and ‘Unreleased Works Part 2’, a full CD album from ’98 now available on mp3.]

‘Crazy Juice’ – “twisted twisting hiphop jungle” (1997, .XM)
‘Egg Beater’ – “majestic Rakim-sampling hiphopjungle” (1997, .XM)
‘Morphology (Rewind Intoxicated)’ – “darkside jungle remix [from 4T Thieves] of chilled ambience” (1997, .XM)
‘Smooth Operator’ – “da smooth hiphoperator will see you now” (1997, .XM)
‘Get Busy On Em’ – “wikked anniversary jump-up jungle joint” (1997, .XM)
‘Sneaky Graffiti’ – “real damn fresh instrumental hiphop funkiness.” (1997, .XM)
‘Streetbeat 2’ – “awesomely titanic bluntedhiphophit”
[remixing Mortimer Twang, with other non-Ramone remixes.] (1998, .XM)
‘Flowing Like Liquid’ – “extreme super rough hiphop junglistiks” (1998, .XM)
‘Back 2 The Oldskool’ – “complete shaolin ninja hiphop cut-up mastery” (1998, .XM)
‘You Know I Got Soul’ – “majestic hiphop, this is how it should be done” (1998, .XM)
‘Hirez+Bango’ – “original instrumental lightly distorted hiphop jam” +
“more dark, strange hiphop instru-mentalism” (1998, 2 .XMs)
‘Pink Fluid’ – “‘dedicated to the groove’ darkhiphopjunglistics.” (1998, .XM)
‘Pulse Of Life (Rewind)’ – “skippin’ bumperball mellow jazzy remix [of Relief+Twilight] tip” (1999, .XM)
‘Unreleased Works Part 1’ – 16 unreleased .XMs from Fruitz Of Dojo productions (2000/2001, .XM)

‘Alpha Wezen’ – ‘distinctive blunted Ramone style given a smooth makeover’
[with Trigger] – (1999, .MP3)
‘Unreleased Works Part 2’ – full 14-track hiphopjungle album given net.release (1998/2001, .MP3)

here’s some links to pages that andi owned or was associated with,
if you’d like to check out more of his amazing work:
hi-rez – andi’s own personal page, with tonnes of his amazing ASCII art, sketches, music, and more.
kurva loko – the german hiphop crew andi was a key member of, also showing his mad skills here.
fruitz of dojo – the apple mac demo/screensaver crew andi was a member of, more amazing stuff.

also, the following pages have paid tribute to andi in some way, so we thought it fitting that we link:
goodstuff tribute review – the net.music.scene zine reviews “Alpha Wezen” as a dedication.
music massage issue 23 – the .MOD digest features a Ramone tune and pays tribute.

our deepest sympathies go out to andi’s family and friends from all @ mono.
andi – yr style was identical to none. you’ll be missed.