Ramone – Hi-Rez EP {rel#144}

Artist: Ramone
Title: Hi-Rez EP
Label: Mono211
Catalog #: rel#144
Release Date: 1998/08/10

Again, some deck-clearing, with some excellent instrumental hiphop given to us by Ramone earlier this year, and finally released now. The slight delay in releasing has, if anything, matured this year’s vintage, and it’s still a mighty fine double-tracker.

01 – Hi-Rez [XM] [FLAC] [MP3]
02 – Bango [XM] [FLAC] [MP3]

Additional Files:
file_id [DIZ] [PNG]
m_hir [NFO] [PNG]
m_nu [REL] [PNG]

[ZIP (Original)] [ZIP (FLAC)] [ZIP (MP3)]
*FLAC & MP3 zips also include the original versions.

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