ressu – la noche verde {rel#68}

Artist: ressu
la noche verde
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the style of this track is something retroish trip-hop. the start is nice, with shifting chords and very crispy drum-beat. and of course, the nice vinyl crackling is included.
there’s even samples from “suomiviihteen legendat”: olavi virta and tapani kansa.
i liked this track, probably because the style reminds me of some melancholic jazz, which i respect greatly.
[yes, i know the review is not specific, but as always, listen yourself.]

[86%] tuomas .r

A very nice mellow tune. The melody is very smooth and melancholic. The drums are nice and slow like the whole track. The nice pads and filtered synths give a special feeling to this tune. The piano gives a jazzy feel to the tune but are at times a bit too loud and could be a lot better with a little touch of reverb (in my opinion). A very nice track overall.

[89%] S.Louhela

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