Machinae Supremacy – Jets ‘N Guns OST {mtk144}

Artist: Machinae Supremacy
Jets ‘N Guns OST
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Oh my. Ever since we at Monotonik heard Swedish bleep-metal group Machinae Supremacy cover Chris Huelsbeck’s classic ‘Great Giana Sisters’ theme in heart-rendingly wonderful .SID chiptune vs. Spinal Tap style, we’ve been major, major fans. So, after the group completed the soundtrack to (extremely fun) PC indie shoot-em-up Jets ‘N Guns (, and made the entire higher-bitrate quality OST available to fans on their official homepage (, we plucked up a little courage and asked them if we could release it on Monotonik, too.

And guess what? They said yes, and we whooped a lot and drank a celebratory ginger beer. And as a direct result of this, we proudly present the full 28 track masterpiece from Robert Stjärnström, Andreas ‘Gordon’ Gerdin, Kahl Hellmer, Jonas ‘Jonne’ Rörling, and Tomas Nilsén that is ‘Jets ‘N Guns’, the official game soundtrack. But where to start? Well, a notable statement of intent is ‘Theme from ‘Jets ‘N Guns’, of course, which is straightahead, insanely catchy rock theme nirvana, almost as if Taito’s Zuntata had moved to Scandinavia at some undetermined time

But from there, it gets all twisty. ‘Megascorcher’ twins the SID-style bleep with some insane riffing, and ‘Archangels of Sidaroth’ is some unholy melange of doom-like sludge guitar chords and pure chiptune goodness. ‘Kings Of The Sea’, evidently for a water-y game level, brings on the floating and the echo-y ambience, and it goes onward and upward all the way to the absolutely majestic ‘Endgame’, which floats on the waves of sines and glory. Thanks again to Machinae Supremacy for the chance to get this amazing soundtrack out to more people – if you dig it, buy the game, grab Machinae Supremacy’s first stand-alone album, ‘Deus Ex Machinae’, or just mosh happily with your fingers making arcane devilish soundchip symbols, like we do. ‘Nuff said.

pic of Jets ‘N Guns

01 – Game Over
02 – Theme From Jets ‘N Guns
03 – FanVaCoolt (Men Om Nånting)
04 – Koala In The Spider’s Web
05 – Megascorcher
06 – Flight Of The Toyota
07 – Teh Evul p4in Of Doomy Hell
08 – Erecta My Hamburger Baby
09 – Little Green Men
10 – Lava Trouble Bubble
11 – Zogrim Ate My Hamster
12 – Insectoid
13 – Archangles Of Sidaroth
14 – Hyperchase
15 – Burghammer Hill
16 – Knee-Deep In The x0xx
17 – King Of The Sea
18 – Futuremachine
19 – Lord Krutor’s Dominion
20 – SpacePunX
21 – Dududub Dududum
22 – Escaping The Krut
23 – Death From Above
24 – Flames Of Fire
25 – Judgement Fray
26 – Machinaeguns
27 – r0x0rd teh x0xxor – Level Cleared
28 – Endgame

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