Amon – Droids Killed My Audio Ep {ep/lp release #15}

Artist: Amon
Droids Killed My Audio Ep
Catalog #:
ep/lp release #15
Release Date:

* Released earlier as a single release (the version on this ep is slightly edited)
** Released earlier as “Gaylab (Tilt Goddess)” on Gaylab CD
*** Released earlier as 1/4 on ep1 by [unknown artist]

Amon’s Droids Killed My Audio is an over 40 minutes long ep. Droids Killed My Audio’s music switches between genres of dark ambient and noise terror. Most of the tracks are mainly dark ambient with occasional noise bursts and short minimal melodies. The r ich sound world of synthetic effects, sub bass lines or flute melodies form an interesting collage of sounds. That’s the best word to describe this ep: a sound collage.
The first three parts (Droids Killed My Audio, Revive and Kiro) and the 8th part (Divinator) are maybe the most easy to listen to tracks though the occasional clipping bursts really can make you wonder what the hell is going on. The rest of th e ep is something most of people won’t understand but will be a heaven to those who like noisy stuff and especially noise made by intelligent usage of the technology available.
The 4th, 5th and 6th part (Tilt Goddes, Evil and Shaquan) are probably the weirdest tunes here with fast altering of effect parameters and heavy filtering combined with heavy distortion. The 7th part (Droid-Comm) links the noise of Shaquan (dk maudio6) to the smooth floating ambient of Divinator (dkmaudio8).
The best bits on this ep are the 1st, 3rd and 9th tracks. They all have a certain identity that differs them from the rest of this ep. They all are crafted very well and the layers are combined so that they can be thought as whole entities. I would say these three tracks give you the best image of this ep.


01 – Droids Killed My Audio*
02 – Revive (dkmaudio2)
03 – Kiro (dkmaudio3)
04 – Tilt Goddess (dkmaudio4)**
05 – Evil (dkmaudio5)***
06 – Shaquan (dkmaudio6)
07 – Droid-Comm (dkmaudio7)
08 – Divinator (dkmaudio8)
09 – EOF (dkmaudio9)

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ceniq – Gaylab CD {ep/lp release #10}

Artist: ceniq
Gaylab CD
Catalog #:
ep/lp release #10
Release Date:

01 ceniq – gaylab
the opening track begins with powerful, shifting pad, perfectly blended with reverbed, effected ‘snare’. later on, echoed bleep comes with tight beat. the only bad side is that the track is a bit too repetitive, for my taste, at least. but, to put it short: what an amazing electro-ambient track. this even would go as a warp -release.

02 ceniq/amon – gaylab (tilt goddess)
again, harsh “fractal-generator -noise”, [that’s my term for it.] as one track in vetac cd. the track seems a bit chaotic, and i didn’t find any underlying structure or logic from it. and again this reminds me some of autechre’s more extreme tracks [and yes, this track would fit on some autechre -album, imho.]

03 ceniq/lackluster – gaylab (lackluster reconstruct)
this is an different perspective to the first track by lackluster. i liked this edit more than the original one. this edit is a bit heavier, with more aggressive beat. personally i like lackluster’s style very much, and it shows also on this track. good job.

04 ceniq/salice – gaylab backmix
this track starts with a semi-complex beat, which nearly goes through the whole track, excluding the few pauses. the are a few ambient strings/ chords, and especially the one which is dropped in through the whole track, in times, sounds nice. a great track, imho, but not the best one, though.

05 ceniq – coan5
the start is perfect: a smooth blend of strings, bouncing on. beautiful, minimal ambient sound, without any irrelevant parts disturbing the harmony. when voq-ep came out, i thought that coan3 was the best ambient i’ve ever heard. but then comes coan5, which is, in my opinion, better than coan3.

overall, gaylab cd is finished, perhaps a bit more professional than vetac, but if you ask me, i put them both on a same line. again, ceniq is proving his amazing talents composing wonderful ambient or electronic tracks. this cd would really go as a warp-release. but it’s better when it’s free. and the last word from the cover artwork: it’s superb! it really shows that gaylab cd is a finished product.

total: [95%]

– tuomas .r

A few words from ceniq:

Amon’s tilt goddes mix: I asked amon, a good friend of mine, to do a mix of Gaylab for me as I like his personal touch in his music. Amon hadn’t had the time to do any mix for me and I was going to release Gaylab soon as I heard his latest tune “Tilt Goddes” which originally was a part of Droids Killed My Audio series (part 4 in fact) and I insisted him to give it for this Gaylab CD. I’m happy he did give it.

Lackluster’s reconstruct: I gave mr lackluster Esa Ruoho an unfinished version of Gaylab to remix (it was only about one and a half minute long) and he did a marvellous job mixing the original patterns and riffs with new drums and ideas. I actually got some ideas from his mix for my final “original” Gaylab – that’s why you might hear some similarities in his mix and my edit.

Salice’s backmix: I liked salice’s flud mix (which appeared on Vetac CD1) very much so I had to get him to remix Gaylab too. Salice did a very nice ambient remix with some fast beats leading the first half of the song. Nice stereo flanges and hipass filter sweeps give a nice sound to the drums and the end part’s ambient pads and reverbed speech samples make just a beautiful combination. And thank you Antti for totally awesome Gaylab cover art. I just love your work.

01 – Gaylab
02 – Gaylab (Tilt Goddess) by amon
03 – Gaylab (lackluster reconstruct) by lackluster
04 – Gaylab backmix by salice
05 – coan5

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