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Pharis Wheel
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Well, we certainly don’t release many DJ sets here at Monotonik – in fact, the last one was over 2 years ago, wow. And the main reason for this is that there’s very few good eclectic mixes out there. Until now, that is.

We first heard the mixing skills of Chicago’s ~aD being spread via, of all places, Usenet. So we’re proud to present the first of a number of stunning DJ sets we’re going to put out from him – hop on the “Pharis Wheel” 😛

So, why do we love this mix so much? Well, firstly, it’s the track selection, twinning cut-up delights like Yoshinori Sunahara with the genius sleaze of Jamie Lidell, and some of the new-skool beat heroes like Si Begg and Prefuse 73, then the swift slip-in of more unlikely but totally fitting material like Pop Will Eat Itself.

Secondly, it’s the way it’s mixed, an almost Coldcut-esque multi layered approach which means not only seamless mixing, but entirely new sounds created when 2 or 3 tracks overlap each other. Thus, we get Pete Namlook battling Orson Welles, and even, in one of the highlights of the disc, Moby duelling both a drug-ranting Bill Cosby and Orbital’s “Halcyon” all at once – at least, that’s what it sounds like to us.

Please be aware that the mix is semi-bootleg quality, since it’s encoded at 112kbps (intentional!) and has a few speaker-overstressing waveform-maxing moments (unintentional!). Hopefully, this means that it’s listenable without upsetting the copyright holders, but will also encourage you to go out and buy material from the artists ~aD has mixed up here – that’s the way we want it.

The tracklisting for “Pharis Wheel” (some track names are made up from multiple songs!) is:

1. War of The Namlook – “Hoshi No Koe”
2. Yoshinori Sunahara – “Cross Wind Take-Off”
3. Bola – “Mauver (feat.Dennis Bourne)”
4. Moby Huckstable – “Porcelain Addiction”
5. Jamie Lidell – “Daddy’s Car”
6. Persona – “Thumper (Warn Defever mix)”
7. S.I.Futures – “I’m The Bomb”
8. Prefuse 73 – “Nuno”
9. Yoshinori Sunahara – “Journey Beyond The Stars”
10. Persona – “Release The Dogs”
11. Prefuse 73 – “Hot Winter’s Day”
12. Talvin Singh – “Ha Sandwich”
13. Machine Drum – “Fury (feat. Poly-Sci)”
14. LFO – “Tied Up”
15. Pop Will Eat Itself – “Everything’s Cool (Alien Invasion)”
16. Paul Haslinger – “World Without Rules”
17. Drome – “Hoax! What did you got?”
18. MC Conrad – “Logical (Blame RMX)”
19. Niraj Chag – “The Firefly”
20. Wink – “Young Again”
21. Yoshinori Sunahara – “Sun Song 80”
22. Prefuse 73 – “Afternoon Love-In”
23. Unkle – “Guns Blazing”
24. Atomic Babies – “Cetch Da Monkey (Sonology Mix)”
25. Aphex Twin – “Ziggomatic V17”

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01 – Pharis Wheel

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