8bit Rockers – Arcade Hits {ep/lp release #16}

Artist: 8bit Rockers
Arcade Hits
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ep/lp release #16
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Arcade Hits is a full-length album with 15 tracks of music you could call game-electro sound. A heavy influence of music from late 80’s/early 90’s console or c64 games is heard on the whole album made by the man behind the names Illusion and ShamusCase, Sami Liuski. This isn’t the real retro electro though because he made the sounds with modern synthesizers using today’s sound manipulation (or that’s how it sounds like anyway).

Some of the tracks are made clearly from the comical view of things (as “russian kowboy” and “kittys theme”). Still this shouldn’t be thought as a parody or a joke – Arcade Hits is more of a salute to the c64 or nintedo music scene. All the tracks really aren’t game-electro: “estee lauder” is an ambient track (with a little harsh sound though) and tracks like “squareballs”, “kittys theme” and “sugardrunk” have crazy filtered jungle beats (the squarepusher-kind). “dolf” even samples acoustic guitar. The bonus tracks are more like 80’s disco tunes (“electro disco” even has great vocoder vocals).This is a must for people who get shivers in their spine when hearing chip or sid music. Though I didn’t spend my youth playing nintendo or c64 I like this album a lot. So I can recommend this for everyone.


01 – Electronic Musiek
02 – Bonusround
03 – Russian Kowboy
04 – Estee Lauder
05 – Monsters Cave
06 – Kittys Theme
07 – c+vg
08 – Squareballs
09 – Upbeat Simon
10 – Sugardrunk
11 – Underwater Sequence
12 – Dolf
13 – BONUS TRACK Electro Disco (I want you back girl)
14 – BONUS TRACK Mr. Beat Showdown
15 – BONUS TRACK Lovebomb

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