YKYK.VA – 5 Little Treasures From The North {YKYK012}

Artist: YKYK.VA
5 Little Treasures From The North
 Yuki Yaki
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Yuki Yaki’s 12th strike is a visit of some friends from Denmark bringing with them a small but precious assortment of local Electronica delights.
Having almost ridden out half a decade Rump Recordings has become the most popular stronghold of experimental electronic music in Denmark. And now a band of five fine artists has pledged its contribution for one of our releases: Minimalistic rhythm patterns in slow motion and restrained melodies wrapped in an envelope of startling clicks and sizzling noises.
It’s a mesmerizing kind of unpretentious minimalism and rough authenticity that keeps the tracks of Bjorn Svin, Badun, Acustic, Rumpistol and Karsten Pflum on a common suspense curve as if they were not made as single tracks but as a joint piece of art that could last for much longer than just those five tracks.

01 – Bjorn Svin – Opening Flower [MP3] [OGG]
02 – Badun – Nick [MP3] [OGG]
03 – Acustic – Steamship Ocean [MP3] [OGG]
04 – Rumpistol – Plutonium2 [MP3] [OGG]
05 – Karsten Pflum – Wide Shot [MP3] [OGG]

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