Idmonster – Preloved EP {mtk185}

Artist: Idmonster
Preloved EP
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After a long absence from Monotonik (his last release for us was back in 2002!), we’re delighted to welcome back UK-based musician Pendle Poucher, aka Idmonster, with a 3-track compilation of rather wonderfully varied electronic music, ‘Preloved EP’.

Nowadays, Poucher works as a documentary and TV series musician for a number of UK and Japanese shows, including “new Japanese Discovery Channel idents that i’m very proud of”, he tells us, as well as providing all of the audio for the BBC’s interactive history game CDX – and also somewhat oddly cowrote a ‘club smash’ with high-profile U.S. DJ Robbie Rivera. Hey, eclecticism is the root of all wonder!

Anyhow, the three tracks in this release successfully show off that eclecticism, with ‘Close Harness’ showcasing an almost Underworld or Fluke-ish groove in an understated, serene track, before ‘Charlie’s Orbit’ spirals off into abstract groove, with some pretty interesting loping percussion, before we finish out with the all out freak-out of ‘The Dog Under The Skin’, which shows off a heavy, intense feeling of dread – and we love it. Welcome back, Mr. Idmonster!

pic by h0l

01 – Close Harness
02 – Charlie’s Orbit
03 – The Dog Under The Skin

Front Cover

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