Vitax – Micromania {BKTR003}

Artist: Vitax
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in his backtrack debut, vitax presents us with 18 minutes of the excellence I’ve begun to expect from him. tangy mood is king in vitax’s house, and the king really likes his jazzy melodies and trippy house beats. somehow, one can’t help bouncing to “playback” and “unforgettable” with pensive joy. “the violet sphere” and “micromania backtrack mix)” sneak past body-motion and groove with heart’s feet. trust your uncle valzi: these sounds’ll grab ya and hold ya tight.

Artist Comments:
time buried the old chiptunes, but we still remember them; that’s why I decided to use some analog synthesizers to play with some simple sounds. each song also contains well-known instruments (pads,piano,bass and etc.), but the presence of lo-fi sounds is felt in each song. Such experiments have formed an original genre without a name, without rules – just emotional, easy listening. i hope my music will be interesting to you, even after a lapse of time. thanks to all people.


01 – Micromania (Backtrack Mix)
02 – The Violet Sphere
03 – Playback (Only 4bktr House Mix)
04 – Unforgettable (Backtrack Mix)

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