Lullatone – Whispering Rhythmically / Ice Water {od070}

Artist: Lullatone
Whispering Rhythmically / Ice Water
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Here is a two-tracks EP from the japanese artist Lullatone, already known for his outstanding releases and appearances on Childisc, Audiodregs and Plop records. As on those publications, the artist (Shawn, often assisted by the vocalist Yoshimi Tomida) layers glitch/ambient mellow pulses over a somber minimal layer of electronic shading (a combination of notes, drones, toys), flowing like icy water in a warmy canal. While not maybe as moody or fluid as his up-to-date material, this incredible show-up of electronic joy still finds a mellow (but not lonely) and fairy groove, through the perspired beat-box and hi-pitched sounds, and stays there for the two songs. Like two little tales told in the palm of a hand.

01 – Whispering Rhythmically
02 – Ice Water

Front Cover

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