Makunouchi Bento – Live at TM04BASE (Timisoara) {od068}

Artist: Makunouchi Bento
Live at TM04BASE (Timisoara)
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Makunouchi Bento has created a very personal style over the years, working with melody, noise and rhythm and often leaving some space for more explosive sounds and beats; this live recording is a continuation and expansion of themes brought up on ‘Rokurokubi’ (the numia battle winner track) and ‘Kunitoki’ – at times it is playing with bits of somehow dark and intriguing japanese vocals and atmospheric textures, acoustic bleeps and noises that later develop a ground-breaking, urban/dub breakbeat, with familiar textures and mysterious basspads. The whole recording seems to be one wellcomposed track, and even the older tracks are handled to the point where they blend perfectly in this wonderful acoustic/electronics mix. This release is certainly the best liveset one could expect from this amazing duo, and is strongly recommended to anyone that has been appreciating Makunouchi Bento’s work over the years.

(15.10.2004 – Timisoara – Romania)
Makunouchi Bento is: waka x + qewza
Guests: DanD (guitar) | Raluca (keybd)
Photos: (c) TMBase

01 – Live at TM04BASE (Timisoara)

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