Unit21 & Sleepy Town Manufacture – Lain: We Care EP {mtk130}

Artist: Unit21 & Sleepy Town Manufacture
Lain: We Care EP
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Sliding lithely out of Russia, we’re delighted to present a split EP by Stanislav “Slam” Vdovin and Eugene Martynov, also known as Unit21, with whom we’ve been talking to for some time after we met them through their friends, multiple Monotonik-releasers Sleepy Town Manufacture. Unit21’s blend of beautifully understated, melody rich electronics is something to behold indeed, and we ended up settling on this small, but perfectly formed 2-track EP.

So, basically, we have ‘Lain: I Care’ by Unit21, leading off with a gorgeous ambient track, all floating and pirouetting and flexing its radiance at us, and STM bringing up the rear with ‘Lain: Say You Care’, a spattering, beat-flecked reply, again, marvellously melodic. This is the kind of EP we wish could go on for ever, but we’ll settle for the infinite loop option – it actually makes sense, in a supportive, ‘there for you’ type way, we promise.

cover by Svetlana Stulova aka Lain

01 – Unit21Lain: I Care
02 – Sleepy Town ManufactureLain: Say You Care

Front Cover

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