Subi – monoRAVEmix #1 {mrm001}

Artist: Subi
monoRAVEmix #1
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The long-awaited mixes from the number one scene luddite are finally HERE!
Yes, the first of Subi’s retro DJ sets is upon us. We hope you like.

The general idea is to do a few of these, grouping by type. This time around we’re concentrating on the proto-hardcore European brutalism sound that started when Joey Beltram came up with “Mentasm” and T99 turned its famous stab into an unholy racket on “Anastasia”.

So, not quite into the classic period yet, but certainly getting there.
Wait for the next one! 😉

Shades of Rhythm – Extacy
SL2 – DJs Take Control
2 Bad Mice – Bombscare
Prodigy – What Evil Lurks
Cubik 22 – Night in Motion
Bizarre Inc – Playing With Knives (Quadrant mix)
Digital Excitation – Pure Pleasure (Rave mix)
Altern 8 – Frequency
Human Resource – Dominator
Isotonik – Different Strokes

cover by subi

01 – monoRAVEmix #1

Front Cover

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