Mark VIII – Presents Action Replays {nmomp2}

Artist: Mark VIII
Title: Presents Action Replays
Label: No’Mo’
Catalog #: nmomp2
Release Date: 2002/06/29

We were hoping this day would never come. That is, the day our copyright-ruffling cousins at No’Mo’ moseyed back into town. But sadly, they’re here. And they have a new champion, a Mark VII. And they absolutely insist that we release this 5-track piece of perverse.. well, quite frankly,

So, if you’re the type of sicko who dreams of Rob Hubbard’s classic Commodore 64 videogame theme to “Commando” with Outkast’s “Ms.Jackson” over the top.. they gave us that. Martin Galway’s “Comic Bakery” besmirched by the dulcet tones of Chuck D? Check. Jeroen Tel (Maniacs Of Noise)’s “Children’s Song” splattered all over with vintage Brithop-per MC Duke? Got it. Kathy Brown and Matt Gray fighting in a corner? Sure. Chris Huelsbeck’s “Spherical” theme all crunged up with Busta Rhymes? We’re afraid to admit it.. but we got that too.

So, they’ve got our Flat Eric doll, and they won’t give it back until we release this. What’s a selfrespecting label to do? Go cry in a corner, that’s what. And then unleash the dragon on you. And, dear friends, consider this dragon unleashed (and tell them if you play it out anywhere cool!).

cover by mark vii

01 – Spherical Rhymes [Chris Huelsbeck vs. Busta Rhymes]
02 – Duke Of Noise [Jeroen TelMON vs. MC Duke]
03 – Comic Enemy [Martin Galway vs. Public Enemy]
04 – Brown Vs. Gray [Kathy Brown vs. Matt Gray]
05 – Commando Jackson [Rob Hubbard vs. Outkast]

Front Cover

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