Hoffman – Future Thief {mtw027}

Artist: Hoffman
Future Thief
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Just to mix things up a bit, and to prove that Mono211 itself isn’t entirely dead in its guise as our breaks/freestylin’ sublabel, we’re proud to present another track from the recently elusive DJ Hoffman.

He’s still hiding out in the South-West of England and providing us with dangerously good, dangerously unclassifiable breakbeat-ish tunes which help us hark back to the classic, more beat-leaden days of Mono .MODs which he was a big part of under his Dreamfish pseudonym 🙂

This time round, “Future Thief” takes its cues from the harder techno that Hoffman loves, and applies some of the looping, phasing, and layering facets to a much more breakbeat track. So, take a mini-sonic pan-sonic journey with us, flip to the pulsing bass, helicopter to the nimble drum programming, and headspin to the cut-up lead synths, wontcha? Then watch it all fade away like a really daft skinhead and hit you back up, hard. Wham?

cover by h0l

01 – Future Thief

Front Cover

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