Devic – Obscure Pattern Phenomenon {od035}

Artist: Devic
Obscure Pattern Phenomenon
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when we talk about trance we have to choose the right words; every single syllable brings different aspects of a same theme, like an armillary sphere with shocking circles goin round it in whirls.
what we have here is an _obscure_ psycho musicdisk definitely for minds, not a dancefloor-enforced collection of goa pieces as we would expect to find.
constant square-kickdrums take the place of effect-crescendo’s and blams of rythm to open the listener’s mind through a continuous assault and bring him in dark ritualistic places. liquid dopplered lasers accompain us in the whole journey together with ceremonial percussions and surrounding pads, in a ‘traditionalistic’ goa for the trip-addict.
and the earth shakes whilst with our unceasing headnoddin’ the gods dance.

01 – Analog Seduction
02 – Antharix
03 – Midnight Rituals
04 – When Natraja Dances

Front Cover

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