Tao – Subtle EP, Part 2 {od034}

Artist: Tao
Subtle EP, Part 2
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this second package is really awesome; tao solves some uncertain points of the previous release and _astonishes_ us with ninja-flavoured evil beats we won’t forget for a long time… definitely not the usual 1-week cd, you won’t get bored by this EP even after months of continuous listening; but hey we’re in the hi-levels my friends! 😉
[Static revelation, a whole bunch in private conversation with the sun. It’s easy, they simply know the right words: a subtle language made of Jazz and shaky riddim.]
[Subtle lights, moon-lighted creek. We used to meet there. Broken Bottles orchestra, reverberating shadows.]
[What has become of these ludicrous plastic dancing flowers? They might have been kidnapped by the cellophane realms princes, just for their own pleasure. John Lennon was right. They captured the beats and render.]
[wakaX knows the truth. In this fairy, the old Romanian musician with his music machine knows how to steal children dreams. His wife is ready to weave them to make the soul brand Cape.]

01 – Heliotrope
02 – Crescent Shaped Creek
03 – Cellophane Realms
04 – The Old Fairy Weaver

Front Cover

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