Hotcakes – Song of the Siren {‘009}

Artist: Hotcakes
Song of the Siren
 Noiz Phaktah
Catalog #:
Release Date:

What happens when you take a normal tune, give Ravebusters the chance to remix it twice (, then let it sit on the shelf for a few years before getting Hotcakes to massacre it?

Oh, you know where I’m heading with that…

Masssiiiiiiive thanks to Quiklite for some help structuring this one (we
end up cutting two whole sections out and the tune GREW by 3-4 minutes! Go figure) and Pioneer for the drums (I finally managed to use them!)… Nice one bruvva!

And as a special treat for Amy users, a little ARexx script to help the tunes’ performance. Just strap Siren.omed onto your REXX: directory and feel the G’s!

Can’t hear it? Well try DeliTracker v2.32 or OctaMEDPlayer v7 on Amiga and WinAMP, DeliPlayer or the provided player (OctaMEDPlayer.exe) on Windows.

01 – Song of the Siren [MED] [FLAC] [MP3]

Additional Files:
NP_Siren [DOC]
np_2001r [DOC]
Siren [OMED] [PNG]
OctaMEDPlayer [EXE]

*FLAC & MP3 zips also include the original versions.

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