Ramone – Unreleased Works Part 2 – The Firehorse Sessions {mtw026}

Artist: Ramone
Unreleased Works Part 2 – The Firehorse Sessions
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As you may know by now, Andi Horvath, aka Ramone/Mono, passed away very unexpectedly and prematurely in June of 2001. He was a source of the most amazing hiphop jungle tracks and ascii/graffiti art, as well as possessing an amazing spirit, and he’s fondly remembered by all of his online and offline friends.

So, we’re proud to be able to present the second part of our tribute to him, a full CD album he recorded back in 1998, originally for a release on German-based Firehorse Records, though this didn’t end up panning out. Thus, “The Firehorse Sessions” languished in the vaults until now, when his friends back in Germany were kind enough to pass us on a copy for release online as mp3s – they will also be releasing it on limited CD, as originally intended, in further tribute to Andi.

What to say about the music? Well, it’s the .MOD/.XM Ramone style writ large on a larger canvas, stripped down to the bone, and it sounds amazing for it. All the way from the terse loops of “Intro”, through the two-step funk of “Weapon Assassinator”, to the radio cut-up (featuring Mono .MOD releases in the radio mix, *sigh*), right up to the pure class of “Til We Come” and crazed multi-layering of “Number One”, this record oozes class, and epitomises the breaks-heavy sound Ramone and Mono was renowned for and Mono211 is still pushing in yr area. So burn this on a disc, put it in yr car CD player, and, well, shake yr booty, darnit.

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01 – Intro
02 – Weapon Assassinator
03 – Radio Mono
04 – Ah Yeah
05 – Til’ We Come
06 – Boomin’ The Funk
07 – I Hear Things
08 – Smooth Operator
09 – Work It Out
10 – Keep Funkin
11 – Number One
12 – Interlude
13 – Dope Jam
14 – We Like

Front Cover

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