Devic – Midnight ruminations {od024}

Artist: Devic
Midnight ruminations
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“Darkness comes everyday. Darkness never harmed anyone, yet people are afraid of the dark. They choose to stay out of darkness. This song depicts the beauty of darkness. Many times at night, we get
thoughts and ideas that affect our life. This song is about them.”
this is what our new psycho indian member says about his first great release on ogredung. and -believe him guys- the music is really dark, minimal, psychedelic. as if taking part in a satanic rave party, deep kicks strike us down from the inside and the grooves make us sweating while a decisively psycho/obscure lazer takes us in this nocturne trip.
as the man euji acha would say, ‘play it loud and proud or do not play it at all’.

01 – Midnight ruminations

Front Cover

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