REG – The dam’s break {od017}

Artist: REG
The dam’s break
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it seems we have a challenger here! he is definitely the melody master at ogredung.
i can hear dhemofoonte hardbeating now… we’re waiting for his response!
so, we have this track by our new member. he’s gone orchestral, boys, and -believe me- that’s not exactly what i would define as an easy style for the beginner.
no, not at all.
reg wrote down a _real_ masterpiece, reminding me of the ol’dirty nightbeat in a truly golden period for composing.
what is special about this song is that it perfectly reproduces the few lines written by the author in the comment; as the dam breaks up, a sorcerer solve the situation.
strings and percussions are perfectly interlaced with harps, flutes and pizzicatos, the bassline sustains everything without any problem, all tracked down using a definitely superior and high-level technique.
superb, my friends!

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