Hotcakes – Fuk ‘Em Up, Buttercup! {‘001}

Artist: Hotcakes
Fuk ‘Em Up, Buttercup!
 Noiz Phaktah
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Welcome to the first Noyz Phaktah release for January. Scrub that. 2001. Scrub that.

Welcome to the first Noyz Phaktah release ever! New mods on the block, this one’ll have you romping ’round the room for a solid half hour. Enjoy that cut-up rave/bad dj feel at only half the price. Turn off that subwoofer though, these ancient 8bit samples show what ancient 8bit samples are really capable of – white guys may need to turn up the treble!

No email addys for anyone yet; I forgot to ask if I can post them in this nfo, so more of them in the next release. Speaking of which, we have some tip-top trance coming your way from tangy sensation Orange Mango, the most breakbeaterest acid from Pioneer and other newbie-wannabe-buttheyreallyare-sogreatyougottahearem-type peeps, read the memberlist for details 😉

Can’t hear it? Well try DeliTracker v2.32 on Amiga, WinAMP, ModPlug or the provided player (OctaMEDPlayer.exe) on Windows, but you really just can’t go past the OctaMEDPlayer v7 for the Amiga – still the only thing that plays ’em right!

01 – Fuk ‘Em Up, Buttercup! [OSS] [FLAC] [MP3]

Additional Files:
np_2001 [REL] [PNG]

*FLAC & MP3 zips also include the original versions.

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