roz – games of sphere {#042}

Artist: roz
games of sphere
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at first i’d like to apologise the break i’ve had from releasing tracks. it’s got nothing to do with bad support from our members, not even close since i’ve got many songs lying on my harddisk. i’ve simple had no time to concentrate on group business lately and i hope you accept that. however we are back again and even bigger after roz re-joined the group. he’s the master of 4 channel mods today and that’s why we are representing his new material today.

this song,’games of sphere’is very well built drum’n’bass track in the intense theme. roz has succeeded well and for making all this into 4 chans it makes it even more interesting. really fab song and if there was some minor point to complain, it would probably be the oldschool sound of it. that is not important on tracker release and that’s why we won’t complain. please welcome roz and his weinberg 7.

new members can still be recruited so if you think you handle the style so precious to us, you are welcomed to e-mail me with one example of your music. but to ease this project, you are required to also have some experience on the previous tracks released to avoid from being disqualified. voodoo is strict of it’s style. e-mails must be directed to with subject ‘voodoo apply’.


01 – games of sphere [MOD] [FLAC] [MP3]

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*FLAC & MP3 zips also include the original versions.

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