H.Kyllönen – fourfour {rel#76}

Artist: H.Kyllönen
Catalog #:
Release Date:

The track starts with a sound of someone walking along with speech samples of K.Ylikulju. Then a depressing feedback noise which lasts for the rest of the tune joins in to the background making you expect something… something hard maybe? Well, you get it. A very aggressive bassline/bassdrum sequence with hard compression and modulation/filter combination gets rolling on. The rest of the track is based on this sequence which never repeats the same, the occasional pauses are filled with more speech. This is a very aggressive and depressing tune which could do with more instruments and variation though (like some additional drum sequences or another more melodic bassline?) but you get a hiquality hard iem tune that won’t leave you cold. You might need some ear protection though.


01 – fourfour

Additional Files:
MILK0076 [NFO] [PNG]

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