kiova project – majec ep {ep/lp release #12}

Artist: kiova project
majec ep
Catalog #:
ep/lp release #12
Release Date:

01 – nalok (introductal) [4:43]

pretty nice intro, string, speech & the usual stuff, you could say. in some parts the strings are too ‘heavy’, i mean they are too high volume. the middle part is echoed voices and sweeped strings, going all the way to the end. for my taste, this track is a little bit too monotonous, i mean it uses all the effects & tricks introduced on millions of other ambient tracks. but don’t get me wrong, this track is not bad.


02 – uiku natural [7:05]

strings and pretty bizarre-sounding effects start this track. sweeping strings sound nice, but they are too much in background and the effects are too much in foreground, in my opinion. the theme is same, through the whole track, there are just small variations, as far as i can notice. without the bizarre effects this track would be the best in the ep.


03 – phlow [5:03]

nice, uptone strings start this track with a bit fuzzy -sounding effect in background. pretty good, perhaps too monotonous comp comes in, merged with nice strings. the track continues with bassline and a bit too sharp melody. nice track, the comp, although it’s repetitive, gives a nice edge to this track.


04 – phlow (end) [7:35]

this track starts with reverbing sound, which soon transforms into semi-majestetic strings. the melody is nice, except some looping problems disturb the harmony. the melody changes it’s mood for a while; it sound quite sad. but not for long; the original melody, with loud strings comes back, with beat this time. the beat is quite simple, but it still fits into the track. this is quite good track, except for too loud strings and few bad sounding loops.



01 – Nalok (Introductial)
02 – uiku natural
03 – phlow
04 – phlow (end)

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