roz – poor are those {#026}

Artist: roz
poor are those
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here he is, roz. i promised a debute release from him… errm.. soonish? 🙂 and here we go. roz is wearing his big gorilla shoes and stomping all over the town making lots a destruction. the track first begins with easy dreamy mood with the awaking monster groans then reaches out when the monster gets out of it’s cave, and the nightmare begins. really excellent job from roz. in the end the monster crawls back to it’s cave, leaving the city smoky and destroyed. bigbeat hopping in the cute plastic wraps from voodoo.

news news. the homepage project is on it’s last round. massive thanks to pete e and some additionals to dharma. in the meanwhile, use the old url or ftp to aminet for downloads.

we still might need one talented 4ch musician, so to get the job, be fast, be good be funky and don’t hesitate to contact us.


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